Re: Orca A newbie question to firefox users out there

It won't just be a matter of updating Firefox. We're going for a long term approach here, that requires updates to the ATK/AT-SPI infrastructure as well as to the screen readers (Orca and LSR). As far as improving document navigation, it will likely require that either the screen readers take control of document navigation (ala JAWS and Window-Eyes), or they install an extension which controls caret navigation. However, I don't want to assume anything about how each screen reader developer plans to move forward.

Another idea that has been discussed is just fixing the built-in Firefox caret navigation that people are using now. However, this is way harder than it sounds, and it's already been discussed quite a bit. I don't get much involved in Mozilla keyboard support anymore, but I'd have to warn off anyone who wants to fix that code, since it's in ancient hairy Mozilla layout code. Therefore, I'm recommending the options I stated at the top of this email.

The bottom line is that this is a work in progress. The screen reader developers for Orca and LSR have builds of Firefox now where they can see the overhauled AT-SPI support, but they still can't use collections yet (which will allow them very fast access to document structure).

We will have to ask the developers of Orca and LSR what they think their ideal schedule would be for a beta, assuming 1) the Firefox overhaul continues well into the polishing phase and 2) we get collections into the infrastructure (although I don't want to assume that all screen reader developers want to use them).

- Aaron

Henrik Nilsen Omma wrote:
Krister Ekstrom wrote:
Hi and sorry for the cross posting.
I understand that blind Ubuntu users use Mozilla Firefox with at least
moderate success with Orca. I have tried the Firefox that comes with the
latest Edgy, Bon echo beta 2 and on pages that don't contain tables or
frames or forms, things seem to work very smoothly, however on pages
with tables, forms, frames etc the cursor tends to get stuck and either
i hear the same line spoken over and over or i don't hear anything at
all. Has anyone else the same experience or is there something somewhere
in Gnome, Firefox or elsewhere that needs to be changed?
Thanks for any help.

Hi Krister,

I believe this is the current state of Firefox access. A major overhaul of accessibility support is planned for Firefox 3 (which I guess will be out in 9 months or so?) See the mozilla access page for more info:

I've taken the liberty of copying in Aaron Leventhal, lead of the mozilla accessibility effort on this mail, so he can correct any mistakes I've made :)

When we start seeing Firefox 3 code that runs reasonably well, I'd like to see ubuntu packages made available somewhere (or other simple ways of installing on Ubuntu) so our user community can help test the bleeding edge for access issues and feed back to the mozilladevs working on it.


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