Re: Orca 0.2.4 not picking up gnome-mag during configure step.

Aha!  Thanks again.  These files are new for gnome-mag 0.12.5, so that
might be why they were missed.  Their presence makes them available to
Python via PyORBit.  Without them, Orca wasn't able to connect to

Thanks again!


On Thu, 2006-05-18 at 07:49 +1000, Luke Yelavich wrote:
On Wed, May 17, 2006 at 11:42:06PM EST, Willie Walker wrote:
Thanks!  Was this a Ubuntu bug/fix or was it a gnome-mag-0.12.5 bug?  I
just want to make sure my bug fix for gnome-mag-0.12.5 was properly
propagated.  :-)

It was a bug in the way gnome-mag 0.12.5, and very likely previous 
versions was packaged. In Debian/ubuntu, one way to list files that get 
copied into a particular package staging directory is to list them in a 
text file that gets read at build time. These files in 
/usr/lib/orbit-2.0 weren't listed, and hense weren't part of the 
packages when they were built.
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