Re: Orca Speech factory template.

The superclass for a speech server is defined in  


I have a huge note of warning: I'm very unsatisfied with the design of
this and and also need to refactor it to play better with the Python
thread model.  As such, it will likely undergo a massive overhaul in
July.  If you'd like to help with that, please let me know!  I can
always use an extra brain and set of hands.


On Sun, 2006-06-11 at 13:37 +1000, Luke Yelavich wrote:
Hi all
I see the different speech servers that orca supports, i.e emacspeak and 
GNOME speech. Is there a template for these speech factory files that 
can be obtained from anywhere? I would like to write a speech server 
file to add support for Speakup as a speech server.
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