Re: getting orca included in gnome 2.16

I for one, would be happy to see this occur for a number of reasons:

1.  usability.  I have been working with Orca for several months, and one of
the things I remember from the outset is being pleasantly surprised by the
minimal learning curve involved in getting accustomed to the program.  In
most cases, Orca is very good at automatically reading relevant information,
and if it does become necessary to use flat review, the process is very
intuitive, with virtually no need to consult documentation.  Therefore, new
users of Orca are free to concentrate on accomplishing their day to day
tasks, while the screen reader does its job in the background.  This ease of
use  could also help pave the way for new users making the transition from
windows to the Gnome desktop.

2.  scriptability.  End users are already seeing dividends from the
scriptable approach.  Even though Orca is still in a relatively early stage
in terms of development, it already offers unparalleled accessibility to
applications such as Evolution, Gaim, and the Open or Star Office suites.

The above are just a few of the reasons why I believe that Orca's inclusion into the desktop would be advantageous. It really seems like the logical next step in terms of Gnome accessibility, and at least from my perspective as an end user, I can't see any downsides at all if it were to take place.


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Hello All:

As part of the Orca development process, we are proposing Orca's
inclusion into version 2.16 of the GNOME desktop.  Several users and
distributions have inquired about the possibility of this.

This is in no way an attempt to remove Gnopernicus as an alternative
for blind and low-vision users.  As a matter of fact, we very much
appreciate the efforts of the Gnopernicus team in paving the way
toward an accessible GNOME desktop over the past several years.
We have been informed, however, that there can be only one screen
reader/magnifier in the GNOME desktop.

We would appreciate any feedback from the user community regarding
this change.  If any of you whom have used Orca would be willing to
give detailed examples of why you do or do not think this is a good
idea and send them to the list it would be great.  Examples we are
looking for include access to certain applications as well as your
perceptions of the screen reader usability in general.  Any
information you give will be very beneficial in helping the GNOME
maintainers make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Thank you, and we look forward to your feedback,

The Orca Team

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