Re: Orca No more hangs with "no focus"

On Mon, 2006-07-31 at 18:23 +0200, Francisco Javier Dorado MartÃnez
In the latest CVS head the situation where's no focus was hanging Orca
was no more reproducible. I am very happy with this latest CVS copy. 

Thanks for the update Javier!

I love the phrase "no more hangs".  It's music to my ears.  

The stability of Orca has been on the top of our list for the past few
weeks.  Based upon feedback from users like you, I think we've made some
really good progress here.  I don't think we're out of the woods yet, so
we're still going to keep investigating and testing.

I also look forward to hearing more about your investigation with the
Evolution/COMM_FAILURE/speech/character problem.  With your help, we've
made some good progress this summer on gnome-speech drivers and drivers
that die due to UTF-8 vs. ISO8859-1 issues.  The community is definitely
helping a lot with this project.  :-)

PS - We discovered a bad problem when interacting with the gnome-speech
driver for DECtalk.  I'm not sure, but it may actually be DECtalk.  The
problem is that DECtalk will sometimes hang when you tell it to stop
speaking.  This hang percolates all the way back to Orca, hanging Orca.
We've put a defense mechanism into Orca to have it quit when it detects
this hang, but I'd still like to explore this further.

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