Re: Orca "no focus" and hangs.

Hi Javier:

We've been working on trying out various things regarding hangs over the
past week or so on GNOME CVS HEAD.  We won't do an official release
until we're sure the situation is better - I definitely appreciate your
willingness to live on the edge.  

BTW, Python's threading model is a bit challenging to work with.
Sometimes we take two steps forward and one step back, but I think we're
headed in the right direction.  We definitely use help from someone
well-versed in Python's global interpreter lock (GIL), but we're rapidly
coming up to speed on it nonetheless.

Can you tell me more about what your desktop environment is like (what
apps are running, for example) when you start Orca and how you are
starting Orca?  In addition, I've not seen the need to reboot my machine
as the result of an Orca failure in a long long time.  When you do a
"kill -9" you should also try to kill -9 any "*-synthesis-driver"
processes as well.  I'm guessing the presence of any of these might be
hurting the most.


On Fri, 2006-07-21 at 14:15 +0200, "Dorado MartÃnez, Francisco Javier"
Hi all 

In the latest CVS build when Orca gets into "no focus" freezes it and the
system. I have to do a kill -9 of the Orca process, and sometimes I have to
hard reset the system. Is this issue known? I have tried to set
settings.useBonoboMain to False and the hangs go on.



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