Re: Orca orca on ubuntu

Hi Tamas:

I found that the 0.2.5 did not compile properly, I had some errors, I'm
sorry, can't remember what it was. Being a blind user, I was only able to
find this out through connecting to my machine with a laptop. I had the
exact same symptoms, eventually I had to go back to 0.2.4. However, I'm
using Fedora.

If you're up to it, please give Orca-0.2.6 a try
( and let us know how
things work out.  Please try to take notes as you go - we cannot
install/test Orca on every version of every operating system.  We're
currently focused on mainly Solaris and Ubuntu and look to the community
for help on evaluating other platforms, such as Fedora.  We also try to
keep contributed notes under the "Installing and Setting Up Orca"
section on the Orca WIKI as a means to help others:

In addition, please keep in mind that Orca currently needs GNOME 2.14 or
better.  So...if you're not using the latest version of Fedora (Core 5),
then you're likely to run into a slurry of problems that could be
avoided with an upgrade to Core 5. 

Hope this helps,


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