Re: Orca RSS reader/aggregator?

Hi to all 

Yes, Liferea is a good choice. I am trying to work with it. But there 
are some accessibility issues that can be work around.
First I have found that "tab" key doesn't always moves focus to the 
differents tables where the rss feeds and information appear. In the 
table where the headlines show the focus stays in the table column 
header and you can not down arrow to read table content unless you 
read it in flat review mode.
When you are flat reviewing the screen you can give focus to the 
headlines clicking in one of it.


On Fri, Jul 
07, 2006 at 01:32:47PM -0400, Al Puzzuoli wrote:
Hi Joanie,

There's the Liferea agrigator.  I actually haven't ever used it, but when I 
looked at it, the UI seemed accessible, at least at first blush.

Liferea is apt-getable under Debian, so perhaps that is the case under 
Ubuntu as well.  If not,  you can get more info and latest sources from 

Hope this helps,


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Hey all.  In order to really get up to speed on Orca, I'm trying the
immersion method. <grin>  I could use a solid RSS reader/aggregator. I
prefer something that would allow me to organize feeds into groups
rather than present everything river-of-news style.   What are y'all

Thanks in advance!

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