Re: Orca Incoming messages in Gaim not being read/displayed

Hi Cody.  Just out of curiosity, what is the difference between the
machine where it works and where it doesn't?  

I can actually reproduce this problem on two machines -- one desktop
with a cheap mobo and onboard sound and one laptop (i.e. onboard sound).
I'm wondering if having a decent, dedicated sound card will make a
difference.  I'm not yet ready to install linux on my third PC (which
has such a card), but I may run out and get a sound card for the other

On Wed, 2006-07-05 at 15:48 -0700, Cody wrote:
  hi Joany

  This was me who brought this up. I was running fc5. Orca did not read 
messages on one machine but did on another so go figure. but I did notice 
though what Mike said, sounds will mess with orca's speech output so turning 
them off will most likely work. I did have a few occasions that orca totally 
took over the gaim sounds and read incoming messages, but this was only if I 
was, do that and see if that works.

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Hello Joanie,
Incoming messages in Gaim are not being read/displayed by Orca on my
computer.  In looking at the list archives I see that this was brought
up in May.  But I don't see any resolution, nor do I see it mentioned in
Bugzilla.  Is this a known issue?

I'm running Orca 0.2.5 and Gaim 1.5.1 on Ubuntu 6.06/Dapper Drake.

Does this happen with all      messages or just the first one in a chat
session?  I have seen where once in a great while I won't hear the first
message in a chat session.  You might also want to turn off the sound
effects in Gaim.  I've seen on some machines where the sounds will
interrupt the speech for the new message.
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