Re: problem with orca running

Hi Cody:

This time when I did a "orca-setup" I got a lot of stuff then when I
typed orca at the prompt afterwards, I got an error saying it couldn't
find a speech driver? it looks like you may have gotten past the Python configuration problem. Just to be sure, please try the "import orca.orca" test from the Python shell: if it works, then the path stuff should be resolved. If it doesn't, then there's more configuring to do.

Regarding the speech driver, does test-speech work for you? If not, then your next step will be to get gnome-speech working.

I am running Fedora Core 3

Eeeks. This is quite old. I don't develop on it and the other people I know that have used it with Orca have problems with it. If you can, I'd try upgrading to Fedora Core 4 or move to Ubuntu 5.10.

Finally, please give the QUICKSTART document a scan if possible. We wrote it to provide a barebones set of steps to get folks up and running with Orca. If it doesn't help or you encounter problems, we should try to update the doc to help others in the future.

Hope this helps,



On 1/16/06, Willie Walker <William Walker sun com> wrote:
Hi Cody:

Thanks for your interest in Orca.  Sorry for the problems with
getting it going.  In order to help you better, can you please
let us know the following information?

1) Which operating system, distribution, release are you using?

2) Have you followed the instructions in the QUICKSTART document
   that comes with Orca?

In addition, try putting Orca under /usr instead of /usr/local:

     sudo make uninstall
     sudo make clean
     ./configure --prefix=/usr
     sudo make
     sudo make install

If this still fails, try running the Python shell and doing
"import orca.orca".  If this fails, it's because Python cannot
find the orca package.

Finally, don't feel shy about grabbing the latest sources from
GNOME CVS - Orca is going under a lot of development and we try
to make sure GNOME CVS always has the latest working code.


PS - We are all out today for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but
     will be back in the office tomorrow (Tue).

On Jan 16, 2006, at 5:34 AM, Cody Hurst wrote:

Hi all

  I have just installed orca V0.2.0 the only version there is, and I
get this error after ttyping "orca" at the shell:

traceback (most recent call last):
file "/usr/local/bin/orca", line 25, in ?
import orca.orca
ImportError: no module named orca.orca

as I said, this error occurs when I type "orca" at the command line
but it also occurs, same error, when I type "orca-setup" as read in
the readme file, and it did not create a directory in my home
directory called .orca as it said it would. any suggestions?
btw, gnopernicus works fine if this is any help. so I know I have a
speech driver but I know its probably something else.

I really think orca has a bright future like jaws for winblows, and I
know will be a success. I'm learning python right now so I can at
least put what ever effort I can into this project.

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