Re: simplifications

Murray Cumming wrote:

I now understand what you are trying to do. I think I can get through it pretty quickly.

I created the branch and unwound CVS as I described in my previous email. Then in HEAD I completed the simplifications you were aiming for. The POA_X::Y classes no longer inherit from X::Y and the _orbitcpp::stub::X::Y is completely merged down into X::Y. Can you update and give this a check over.

The new generated code compiles against my project. Libbonobomm doesn't compile anymore because the following files reference _orbitcpp::stub::X::Y classes directly when they should now use X::Y:

Can you take care of this Murray?

OK. You're the maintainer now. That makes sense.

Could you add tests for the problems that you found? Then I can fix
those problems.

I'll try and get around to this soon. So far libbonobomm is a pretty comprehensive test. Unfortunately everything.idl from the ORBit2 test suite exposes a bug where in orbitcpp.

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