Hi Murray,

Are you able to compile libbonobomm with your recent changes to CVS HEAD? I am having a number of problems. First, inheriting from declared but not defined classes. For example, _orbitcpp_common::Bonobo::Moniker is attempting to inherit from ::Bonobo::Unknown which is delcared but not defined (_orbitcpp_common::Bonobo::Unkown is defined though). Second, there seems to be problems with types nested within interfaces. For example:

class Moniker : public ::Bonobo::Unknown
       typedef Moniker_mgr value_t;
       typedef Bonobo_Moniker c_value_t;
       static void pack_elem (const value_t &cpp_elem, c_value_t &c_elem);
static void unpack_elem (value_t &cpp_elem, const c_value_t &c_elem);
namespace Bonobo
namespace Moniker
class InterfaceNotFound : public CORBA::UserException

There might be more problems. Do you have time to look into this?

I'm not sure I have time to continue the simplification, how much would be lost if I:

cvs tag orbitcpp_1_3_6_simplification
cvs update -j HEAD -j orbitcpp_1_3_6
cvs commit

Bowie Owens

CSIRO Mathematical & Information Sciences
phone  : +61 3 9545 8055
fax    : +61 3 9545 8080
mobile : 0425 729 875
email  : Bowie Owens csiro au

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