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I don't think there is a current maintainer. Huw Rogers did the last CPAN upload I think, but that was some time ago.

I would suggest creating a gnome CVS account and a CPAN account and uploading your fixed version as the next point release, can't really hurt and might help out a few people with similar issues.

Huw, feel free to step in if you're still around. Cheers, Alex.

Denis Kaznadzey wrote:
Mark Hoebeke <Mark.Hoebeke <at>> writes:

Hi all,

we have been using CORBA::ORBit successfully for several years now. Most
recently, we migrated our application servers to 64 bit machines.
Unfortunately this broke CORBA::ORBit, both the official CPAN version,
and the one extracted from the gnome cvs servers.

Before diving into the code, I checked with the original author of the
module (Owen Taylor) who confirmed me he did not maintain the module
anymore (which I suspected after reading the latest posts on this
mailing list).

Today, I apparently solved the main issues by tweaking (hacking ?) the
marshalling/unmarshalling code: our CORBA apps seem to run smoothly again.

Some organizational issues remain however, which I list here in no
specific order :
	- who is the official maintainer of the module (if there still is one) ?
	- would anybody be intersted in the patches I made ?
	- if so how do I commit my changes into the repository ?
	- are there still people using this module ?
	- should I switch to pyorbit ?
	(OK, this one's to check if you've not fallen asleep :D)

Any comments welcomed !


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Dear Mark,

we are experiencing exactly same problem you described - developed and used
CORBA::ORBit based server happily for several years, until upgraded to 64-bit
linux. Which caused a trouble, if not disaster: no one wants to rewrite
applications that are actively used and considered stabile and standard.

Not saying that migrating to different orb would certainly cause unexpected

Would be grat if you could share the patches.

Best regards -
Denis Kaznadzey

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