Initial problems with CORBA::ORBit

I've been trying out CORBA::ORBit, and havn't been able to get started.  I've
tried to hunt down an answer for this, but no luck.

1) the ORBit echo client/server demo works okay, so I think I have ORBit
installed okay
2) my perl version is 5.005_03 (which I think is okay) on Solaris 2.6
3) CORBA::ORBit seemed to build and install okay

When I fire up the demo server, I get :-

        bash$ perl -Mblib server &
        [1] 27905
        bash$ Using /raid/home/peter/src/perl/CORBA-ORBit-0.4.3/blib
        The daily maximum is: 1000

And the ior of the server is written to account.ref

But, when I fire up the test client, I get :-

        bash$ perl -Mblib client
        Using /raid/home/peter/src/perl/CORBA-ORBit-0.4.3/blib
        incomplete message received at server line 183.
        Exception: CORBA::BAD_PARAM ('')
            (0, COMPLETED_NO)
           An invalid parameter was passed

This seems to be when "deposit" is called.

Any brilliant ideas ?



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