Re: Help Installing Orbit

> I downloaded Orbit for win32 from the net.

Exactly what did you download, from where?

> I tried to install the
> Orbit using cygwin, the first command ./configure is working fine 

So you downloaded the sources? Which version, from where?

> but after the make cmd we are getting an error, shown below:
> $ make
> make  all-recursive
> make[1]: Entering directory `/cygdrive/d/Rakesh/Corba
> POC/Softwares/Orbit'
> Making all in popt
> make[2]: Entering directory `/cygdrive/d/Rakesh/Corba
> POC/Softwares/Orbit/popt'

There is no "popt" subdirectory in the current ORBit2 sources, at
least. You probably have the sources for some old (unmaintained?)
version. Are you sure this version is even supposed to bework on
Cygwin (or Win32)? Also, you first say "ORBit for Win32", but then you
try to build it under Cygwin? Don't mix up the two. Cygwin is really a
different (Unix-like) operating system, than just happens to run on
top of Win32. (Technically Cygwin is a Win32 DLL, and Cygwin
executables are Win32 executables that use the Cygwin DLL.)

(Also note the licensing of Cygwin: Cygwin is GPL, and any software
you distribute that uses the Cygwin DLL must also be GPL or

Please note that porting ORBit2 to Win32 was not trivial at all. See
the ChangeLog in recent versions (like the latest, 2.14.4) for
details, entries by me from around December 2004 onwards. It might be
that the much (?) older version you are trying to build is easier, I
don't know.

Anyway, you can find prebuilt binaries of ORBit2 for Win32 (*not*
Cygwin) at
. It requires glib and libIDL, and glib requires gettext and
libiconv. Look for those in the hopefully obvious places on the same host.  (gettext and libiconv are in "dependencies")l


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