Re: [PATCH] New ORB_init option "ORBNetID=<string>"

On Wed, 2005-07-27 at 18:30 +0300, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> Ilguiz Latypov writes:
>   > I am asking if it is possible to avoid these inconsistencies by
>  > providing only the host's name to the clients.
> Probably, that's what link_get_local_hostname() used to do
> earlier. But presumably there was some problem with that, which
> prompted Jules to try to fix it.

Yes. There are situations where a local configuration change or a global
DNS change is impossible. My servers (remote) was unable to resolve IORs
generated bu ORBit2 for call-back references. The reason was that only
the short hostname was used in the IOR. This short hostname did not

One could argue that this is a configuration problem, but not all would
be able/allowed to change resolve configuration (/etc/hosts or DNS). 

That prompted me to make the change. I just missed the potential
problems with multi-homed hosts...

[Tor] Just out of curiosity, will your test app work if use_local_host
would default to LINK_NET_ID_IS_FQDN instead?


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