RE: ORBit2 on uClinux/Coldfire

Hi Keith,

On Mon, 2005-06-27 at 10:10 -0700, Keith Nicewarner wrote:
> What can I do to reduce the executable size and memory footprint?  I
> see dependencies on libIDL, but I have no intention to compile IDL on
> my target.  Can this be removed?  Are all the internationalizations
> necessary?  If not, how can I removed them?

	I would suggest:

	* link with -Bsymbolic - if it's a dynamic librrary
	* the libIDL stuff shouldn't be necessary - it's just for the 
	  IDL compiler
	* you should only need libORBit2 & glib to get it to run
	* you've stripped the binaries & not built with debug right ?

	My is only 1Mb on linux elf32-i386 but ...



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