problems with remote NameService calls


I have an Orbit2 client talking to a remote non-Orbit server.
It works well when used with a (fixed) IOR read with
I now wish to use the NameService on the remote ORB to get the IOR
dynamically.. but it doesn't work.

Here is a minimalistic piece of code.

  /* ... */
  orb = CORBA_ORB_init(&argc, argv, "orbit-local-orb", ev);
  abort_if_exception(ev, "CORBA_ORB_init() failed");

  nameservice = CORBA_ORB_resolve_initial_references(orb, "NameService", ev);
  abort_if_exception(ev, "resolve_initial_references(NameService) failed");

  context = (CosNaming_NamingContext) nameservice;
  g_assert(!CORBA_Object_is_nil(context, ev));

  CosNaming_NamingContext_list(context, 0, &bl, &bi, ev);
  abort_if_exception(ev, "list() failed");
  g_assert(!CORBA_Object_is_nil(bi, ev));
  /* ... */

I invoke this using -ORBInitRef NameService=corbaloc::remote:port/NameService
It goes into an infinite loop in CosNaming_NamingContext_list().

ethereal+strace show that the CORBA_ORB_resolve_initial_references() call is
not made against the remote ORB but against the local one (from my
Gnome2 desktop, reading /tmp/orbit-myuser).
CosNaming_NamingContext_list() talks to the remote ORB but loops..
[ Request (two-way): list -> Reply: Location Forward ]
I assume this is because 'nameservice' is wrong.

I'm quite sure it is a problem with my client code (or Orbit2)
as 'nameclt' from omniorb4 works perfectly.
(nameclt -ORBInitRef NameService=corbaloc::remote:port/NameService list)

Maybe I missed something or did something wrong..

$ orbit2-config --version
ORBit2 2.10.2

Thoughts ?


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