mapping sequences to aliases

Hi ,

I am using your perl binding CORBA::ORBit 0.4.7 with ORBit 0.5.17. When I am performing a call with an inout parameter, I get the following error message:

bless{ '-file' => '/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.2/i686-linux-thread-multi/CORBA/',

'reason' => 'LineTestMO: Parameter InputParams has wrong type 19, required 21',

'-line' => 191,

'-package' => 'CORBA::UserException',

'code' => 12

}, 'oam::nms::sm::corba::OperationException' )

I know this is an error related to CORBA types, which are defined by some specifications. 21 is the type alias, while 19 is the type sequence.

Normally, ORB implementations (at least the Java and C++ ORBs I have tried untill now) map sequences to aliases. I don?t know what CORBA::ORBit does in the case of mapping sequences to aliases. Can this be fixed or is there some setting in ORBit about this??


Jeremy Centenera

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