Re: Networking ORB's

Hi Frank,

> init server-ORB with parameters:
> Furtheron have a look at

Hmm, appreciated. It worked on enabling IIOP

Now my problem continues:

My problem lies with the bootstrapping process. I need a naming service
running on a KNOWN TCP port. This far the only way to get the client and
server talking to each other is using IOR's and a non-deterministic port
I would like to have the server on a known port (such as port 5000) and
the client get a reference using corbaloc or similar with a user
specified port. Also, the machines (client & server) might not be on the
same network (or at least on the same IP subnet).

Basically the following network topology will be used:

client machine  --> firewall (S-NAT) --> WWW --> server machine

Any further pointers/ideas/resources would be much appreciated.


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