Re: Privatizing 'linc' ...

On Fri, 2003-05-23 at 14:38, Ross Golder wrote:
> I think it would be daft to include linc in ORBit, if there are projects
> out there that use linc as a standalone library. It goes against all the
> principles of code re-use (bugfixes would need replicating locally in
> each project that has absorbed the linc codebase etc).

	Right; but if you're in a state of heavy API flux, that's all that can
be done - also, I see little sign of anyone re-using linc currently.

> I also think that, if linc's API is currently considered naff, that it
> should remain API/ABI frozen as-is, whilst a 'linc2' is designed and
> developed in parallel that _is_ generic enough to be considered a useful
> standalone library. Isn't that what normally happens?

	Well; consider that process to be happening inside the ORBit2 package -
we can always split it out again, hopefully with a much improved
thread-sane API, if someone else wants it (libsoup eg.).



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