Re: orbitcpp sequence error: Problem in _orbitcpp_unpack()

Hi David,

On Tue, 2003-03-04 at 20:34, wrote:
> All seems to work fine, but a problem apears when using sequence types.
> For example, If I bind a object and then do a "list()" I get a segmentation
> fault.
> The problem seems to be in the orbitcpp sequence implementation.
> The template "Data_var" has a data member "m_data = 0x0". And when run
> _orbitcpp_unpack() function member get the segfault.

	Grief - is that a sequence of strings ? marshalling a NULL string
results in a SEGV currently - of course, we can fix that by mapping to
an empty string internally, but it's not valid to have NULL strings.

	If it's a bug in the nameserver impl. in ORBit2 we need to fix it -
it'd be great to have a stack-trace / pointer to the impl. responsible.



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