How do I tell orbit to use eth0/tcp?


My hosts file has the correct information in it. All ip addresses are good. I 
upgrade my linux version to RedHat 7.2 and the version of orbit included with 
it is still using lo interface. 

My client address is : and server: the netmask is for both.

My client is now using RedHat 6.1. I need to get this working ASAP. 
Everything is fine on the lo interface but when I move the ior and the client 
app to another machine nothing works. I get "We got exception 2 from 
echoString". Could I be using a wrong param to the corba init function. I'm 
using "orbit-local-orb". SAMBA works fine telnet work fine but corba has a 
problem with eth0. What could this be?

Thanks for helping,
James E. Smith

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