Re: Perl and ORBit2

Hi Kashif,

On Wed, 2003-08-27 at 00:04, Kashif Shaikh wrote:
> Hello everyone I'm newcomer to this list. I'm trying to evaluate if I
> should go the CORBA route and wrap a CORBA interface around my many
> daemons written in different languages, but in doing so would like to
> know how good Perl copes with ORBit.

	There is an old, old perl binding for ORBit[1] that works but is fairly
incomplete, and nothing about ORBit1 is supported / maintained these
days so ...

> Now before anyone says "you should use python, java, etc", I already
> have a perl component to my application and don't have any intention to
> re-write it:)

	;-) of course, the python bindings work quite nicely. OTOH - it
shouldn't be too hard to write a good, and fairly complete binding for
ORBit2 - if you graunch James's py-orbit and Owen's old ORBit-perl.

> [Aside: Has ORBit2 been OMG-approved CORBA implementation for C,C++,
> and Python?]

	We don't have any level of certification AFAIK, but we try to stick
nearby the spec.



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