Perl and ORBit2

Hello everyone I'm newcomer to this list. I'm trying to evaluate if I
should go the CORBA route and wrap a CORBA interface around my many
daemons written in different languages, but in doing so would like to
know how good Perl copes with ORBit.

a) How functional is the perl binding for ORBit? I know a standard Perl
binding hasn't been officially defined the OMG, but how well does the
binding stack against Python and C++ in semantics?

b) Is the perl binding stable or currently being worked on? The last
update I've seen when googling are dates in 2002.

c) Does anyone recommend the perl binding should be used for production
code? Or is it simply an experimental hack?

Now before anyone says "you should use python, java, etc", I already
have a perl component to my application and don't have any intention to
re-write it:)

[Aside: Has ORBit2 been OMG-approved CORBA implementation for C,C++,
and Python?]

Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer my questions,

Kashif Shaikh

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