Re: what is the meaning of the ORBid in CORBA_ORB_Init()of orbit2

On Tue, 2003-04-29 at 16:20, Frank Rehberger wrote:
> Gilbert Fang wrote:
> >Hi, experts
> >  The document said that ORBid is a name presenting  a ORB
> >implementation.  Then what is the real meaning of it when writing codes?
> >
> what document do you mean?

The following is from "TheCommonObject Request Broker: Architecture and
Specification: chapter 4.5.1"

// PIDL module CORBA { 
   typedef sequence <string> arg_list;
   ORB ORB_init (inout arg_list argv, in ORBid orb_identifier); 

  The identifier for the ORB will be a name of type CORBA::ORBid. All
ORBid strings other than the empty string are allocated by ORB
administrators and are not managed by the OMG. ORB administration is the
responsibility of each ORB supplier. ORB suppliers may optionally
delegate this responsibility. ORBid strings other than the empty string
are intended to be used to uniquely identify each ORB used within the
same address space in a multi-ORB application. These special ORBid
strings are specific to each ORB implementation and the ORB
administrator is responsible for ensuring that the names are

And also in
there is a example "echo-client" program which includes a line:
orb = CORBA_ORB_init(&argc, argv, "orbit-local-orb", ev);

I wonder what is the use of "orbit-local-orb". 
Do I have to use this string as the ORBid? or can I  substitute it as
with another string , like "example" or "testing-orb"?

If I use "example-orb" as the ORBid, can I make it work with the
servant, wihch when initializing uses the   "orbit-local-orb", 
(*orb) = CORBA_ORB_init(argc_ptr, argv, "orbit-local-orb", ev);

Thanks a lot 

> >  If I write a servant  using  "example" as a ORBid, then write a client
> >using "local-orb" as a ORBid, can it work? Then does that mean I have
> >two orbs even I only installed on orbit2 in my pc (rh8.0)?
> >
> This document might help to answer most questions:
> more documentation can be found at:
> Best regards, Frank


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