ORBit2 source clarification, please?

Hi all:

	I've been playing around with ORBit2-cpp (orbit-cpp-cactus
branch) and I encountered some weird error when the client code of a C++
CORBA program calls orb->shutdown. I have seen that in the corba-orb.c
file, the following test is applied:

if (((ORBit_RootObject)orb)->refs != 2 + leaked_adaptors) {

(line 1116 of current HEAD), so my question is what does this "2" means?

	As a fact, all the C++ programs come to this line with a "refs"
value of "1", which causes the following message to be printed:

** (process:22791): WARNING **: CORBA_ORB_destroy: ORB still has 0 refs.

	So, is there any known patter (bad pattern, of course) which
leads to this situation? If I had a better idea of what could be the
cause, I could fix the c++ branch in this regard.

	Best regards and thanks in advance.

Diego Sevilla Ruiz  http://ditec.um.es/~dsevilla  dsevilla@um.es  \    /\
Dpto. Ingeniería y Tecnología de Computadores http://ditec.um.es   )  ( ')
Visiting Extreme! Computing Lab       http://extreme.indiana.edu  (  /  )
Indiana University, Bloomington               http://www.iub.edu   \(__)|

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