Re: TC_Bonobo_Unknown and --imodule

Hi Murray,

On 23 Feb 2002, Murray Cumming wrote:

> There are 2 generated Bonobo.h files in libbonobo, but the one that's
> installed doesn't declare TC_Bonobo_Unknown (and probably other TC_
> stuff). I notice that this one is built with the orbit-idl-2 --imodule
> option.
> What's this imodule thing? Aren't normal libbonobo* stubs/skels
> installed?

	from ORBit2/doc/FAQ

*** What is a type library (or imodule) ?

        Type libraries are essentialy the same generic interface
information that the ORB uses to marshal and de-marshal information in
the C stubs. It is contained in the -common.c file of a compiled set.

Good Luck,

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