Re: bug in orbit1 for generating skel-impl with return type array

Hi Hing,

On Mon, 2002-02-11 at 14:38, Hing-Wah Wan wrote:
> when generating skeleton implemention using orbit-idl , it generate
> the following prototype
> static foo_array
> impl_foo__get_bar(impl_POA_foo * servant, CORBA_Environment * ev);
> which is not correct and generate error during compiling.

	Oh dear.

> foo_array_slice * should be used instead.
> though that bug does not occur for orbit-idl-2 in ORBit2 ,
> will the bug in ORBit1 still be fixed?

	I think using ORBit2 is pretty much the right answer to any bug report
against ORBit-stable. I don't see it getting fixed there anytime soon.



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