Re: gep-1 - a decision?

On Tue, 2002-08-27 at 10:07, Murray Cumming wrote:
> On Tue, 2002-08-27 at 09:31, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> > > > 	Okay fair enough. I would be swayed towards the separation of
> > > > the two then. We already have bindings language bindings that rely on
> > > > ORBit2 internals (although it should be possible to make the scripting
> > > > bindings not do this) so the c++ binding would just become another in
> > > > the set.
> > >
> > > Can you give us some kind of timescale for you to do this work? We have
> > > already spent a lot of time on the branch and for the last few weeks
> > > we've just been waiting for the merge. I don't look forward to yet more
> > > delay. It seems a little late to be this idealistic.
> > 
> > 	This isn't a big job at all. A couple of days at the very
> > outside. We just need to come to a decision.
> If you can do it fast then it's fine with me. And I don't just mean the
> creation of the language bindings module. I won't believe that that API
> is sufficient until a separate ORBit2/C++ builds. That's me acting like
> an ignorant manager, but it would be foolish of me to pretend to
> understand the ORBit internals fully.

So it sounds like have a decision, though I'm still a bit worried about
it. And it sounds like we have someone to do some of the work. Agreed?

Murray Cumming

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