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Hi Kishor,

	Please, please - always reply to the list so your reply is archived, so
people don't have to reply multiple times to every question.

On Wed, 2002-08-07 at 09:37, kishor balasaheb paygude wrote:
>      How the servant object (PortableServer_Servant) maintains 
> pointer to the user provided methods implementation to invoke them 
> because the protoype is not known.e.g. In calculator example how 
> the pointers to the add and subtract methods are maintained in run 
> time?

	No idea - I forget, it does it via the PortableObject_Servant I would
imagine, look at how that is handled. You create your own servant, and
that's what you get when the method is invoked.

>     Which is the first function i.e. called when request comes on 
> socket and how it is processed?Which are the important functions 
> involved on the way of request from socket to user implementation.

	See ORBit2/src/orb/GIOP/giop-recv-buffer.c
(giop_connection_handle_input), handle_reply etc. goes into the POA,
then into ORBit_small to de-marshal the stack, and finally by the
auto-generated method lookup into your code.

>     I would be very glad if you could give me a clue.

	Read more code; run it in the debugger and look at the stack trace.
It'd be good if you could forward this to the orbit list.



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