ORBit server and client must be same user id?

Hi folks,
I'm a newbie to CORBA, and am trying to develop an interface to a postgreSQL db 
via perl/CGI. I found that I could not access the ORBit server from a perl cgi script
being run by my apache web server. When I ran my ORBit server (daemon) as user id 'apache'
which is what my httpd runs as, things worked. BUT, this can't be the solution,
since I had to bestow shell priveleges to apache, which had originally been 
configured with no shell (in /etc/passwd).

How should CORBA servers be configured so that the Web server CGI scripts can access
them? (ie have correct permissions?)

How should the IOR string be passed to the CGI script? Currently I am writing
it to a file in /tmp.

Any pointers into the literature available would be greatly appreciated. I find that
ORBit seems to be woefully undocumented. 

... Mark

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