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I strace -f'd the process, and oafd segfaults after loading all the config
files, and then calling time() twice.  It does not get to the line you
had suspicions about.  In fact, it is oafd that segfaults, not my program.
Anyway, if anyone has time to try the program (it was attached on my
previous message - you have to orbit-idl and orbit-idl --skeleton-impl the
IDL file), let me know what you can figure out.

Jonathan Bartlett

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On Wed, 31 Oct 2001, Michael Meeks wrote:

> Hi Jonathan,
> On Wed, 31 Oct 2001, Jonathan Bartlett wrote:
> > All-right, I'm trying to get OAF & shlibs to work from the
> > command-line. This is using the GNOME 1.x stuff.  How does my program
> > find oafd?  I've attached the files I'm trying to get running, in case
> > you want to see what I'm doing.  I generate a skeleton from the .idl
> > file, and just do a printf for the method.
>         liboaf finds oafd for you - you don't need to worry about that; if
> it can't find it then oafd can't be in your path.
>         I would suggest always running with export OAF_DEBUG_OUTPUT=1 and
> running oaf-slay before you run ( to get that output on your terminal ).
>         object_ref = impl_Echo__create(poa, ev);
>         What is this ? you don't define this method; I would imagine that
> when oaf links this shlib into your proc. and you hit this method, things
> will die.
> > I tried just running oafd from the command line, and it didn't work.
> > The strace output looks like it didn't even get the request.  Anyway,
> > if any of you have time, let me know.
>         You can't run oafd from the command line; if you want to debug
> oafd ( which should be totaly unneccessary ) you have to do:
> gdb oafd
> r --ac-activate
>         which will output the IOR, which you need to shove into
> /tmp/orbit-$USER/reg:...-local. Then you can run your client and get it to
> use the specified oafd.
>         BUT - that is certainly not what you want to do; there is some
> more elementary error you are making. What happens when you run it ? what
> exceptions does oaf give you ?
>         Regards,
>                 Michael.
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