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The "magic hack" isnt a hack -- it is just a more sophisticated
use of the "prefix block" that appears before any memory
allocated via CORBA. I extended the concept to include
an idea of "non-heap allocation", and extended the demarshalling
code to tag certain types (strings in particular) with
this type of allocation block. I had envisioned extending
this technique to other types -- any sequence or array
that does not require endianness conversion or re-alignment.

Propagating "free_strings" in the clean-up code of the
demarshalling is a dead-end. Aside from it being horribly
unlikely to get the IDL compiler correct, that approach
is not extensible to more complex types than strings,
where the choice of allocation (GIOP buffer ptr vs heap alloc)
depends on the received endian-ness.

Watching this mailing list for the last few months has been
both comical and frustrating. Bug by bug, you've been finding 
and trying to fix or bugs that I already fixed in the
HEAD version. The same is true of other features, such as
INS, making an orb.idl available, etc. 


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> Sebastian Wilhelmi wrote:
> > > We have changed the IDL compiler to remove some serious 
> memory leaks. I turns
> > > out that this leads into more problems. But I think 
> Sebastian is already
> > > working to fix.
> >
> > Yeah, I have a fix for all the string_free problems, but 
> Elliot doesn't seem
> > to want to include that. So I've reverted that change until 
> Elliot approves my
> > patch or fixes the idl-compiler to not leak.
> >
> > So we now have some more leaks again.
> Elloit wrote:
> > >From what I can gather, the right fix should be in the IDL 
> compiler, to
> > get it to do free_strings or not correctly. Doing magic 
> hacks doesn't
> > sound like a great idea. What do you think?
> My opinion is that a magic hack is better than to have no solution.
> - Dietmar
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