CosNaming service

I've a doubt, I hope the last one... :)
In the system I'm programming there are, as typical, several PC connected
via LAN. When I launch the naming service (with the orbit-name-server) I
obtain a IOR; I give that IOR to every process (on different machines) to
initialize the name server.
My doubt is the following: is the orbit-name-server process (I'm executing
on a machine) able to manage all the name service on all the other machines?
(i.e. I can execute the CosNaming bind on a machine not running the
orbit-name-server process and the one executing it automatically understand
the bind?)
Or I have to execute orbit-name-server on every machine? (which is the IOR
in this case?)
Or whatelse?

I need to understand... please

Thanks a lot

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