Re: problem with a string

I have some problems :
with the string I passed a CORBA_long variable: does it exist a CORBA_long_dup
function  I have to use? Or something similar. This because sometimes the
CORBA_long I passed comes back as zero. Why?
Thanks again

Sam Couter wrote:

> Matteo Airaghi <> wrote:
> > Thank you vary much for the answer.
> > I tried to use "CORBA_strdup" but the compiler gives me an error of undefined
> > reference.
> > I suppose I have to include something, but what?
> Oops. I messed up. It's really called CORBA_string_dup(), and it's in
> orb/orbit.h
> > Can you also tell me where I can find info about these "magical" word ( like
> > CORBA_stdup) of CORBA?
> I found out by reading as many examples as I could get my hands on, and by
> searching for tutorials and howtos on the net. Use google.
> A good place to start is
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