Java / ORBIT and IORs

I can see quite a few threads about using Java ORBs to communicate with ORBit and it seems that there are people out there that have managed this. I am trying to use a Java ORB (Sun, JBuilder, JavaORB) to communicate with ORBit and it fails with the following message:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
at JavaORB.iiop.InputCDRStream.read_longlong(
       at JavaORB.iiop.InputCDRStream.read_double(
       at _CalculatorStub.add(
       at Client.main(

If I use the Java Server and client for this example it works, if I use the Java server and ORBit client code it also works. If I use ORBit client and server code it also works - but I cannot get the Java client to communicate using the ORBit server. It just chokes on the IOR.

I have used the Windows version of ORBit 0.5.1 and I also tried using the Linux 0.5.6 version.

I have used the ior-decode program to ensure that I am using TCPIP and I get the following:

Tags known:

Object ID: IDL:Calculator:1.0
Profile count: 2

Object endian: Little
IIOP version: 1.0
Socket path: /tmp/orbit-howard/orb-7463150941831763966
IPv6 port: 0
Object key: "........"

Profile type: TAG_INTERNET_IOP
Object endian: Little
IIOP version: 1.0
Host: Dev01
Port: 4462
Object key: "........"

Any ideas? Below is the IOR I used:


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