Re: select() support / anti-load-balancing?

On 12 Feb 2001, Roland Mas wrote:

>   I'm apparently encountering some problem when several clients all
> send requests to the same server.  It seems that the first client can
> get all the server for itself, while the other ones are locked out.
> What would be (for me) nice was some sort of round-robin on the
> clients, so that the server shares its resources somewhat more
> equally.
>   So I went into the src/orb/server.c code, and it seems that the
> server does not use select().  I feel it would help to use it, and
> process all requests from one select() before re-select()ing.
>   Is this part of a TODO list?  Did I read wrong?  How hard would it
> be? (Depending on the answer to this one, I'd be willing to
> contribute.)
>   Or: is there another way to share the server resources more equally
> among the clients?

I think you're grossly misinterpreting the ORBit code. Please continue
your research before reaching conclusions such as ones the above. The only
real limitation (due to the lack of multithreading) is not being able to
process another request while a request is being processed by the

-- Elliot
Who me? I just wander from room to room.

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