ORBit on VMS

Hi all,

I've been trying to get ORBit (0.5.3) to work on a VMS platform for a
customer. It took me quite a bit of time (I also had to change libidl,
popt, indent ...) and the port still needs some polishing but it works.

I did the port using a C++ compiler (yes, I know C is better, etc. but I
only have access to this C++ compiler). Besides all the necessary casts
to keep the compiler happy, most of it was straightforward (any
peculiarities of the VMS platform taken aside). Thanks for the good
coding of ORBit so far.

In the spirit of open source, I would like to contribute the code I
modified/added. My question now is : how should I go about ? Looking at
the CVS server at gnome I noticed that :
- I don't know the versions of the files that were int the 0.5.3 tarball
- some files have changed since 0.5.3,
- a new ORBit version has been born

Thanks in advance,

Marc Verwerft

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