Re: ANNOUNCE: Linux Kernel ORB: kORBit

On Wed, 13 Dec 2000, Juho Ístman wrote:

> > > >With Corba we have full-blown two way communication, sharing almost
> > > >everything you want.
> > >
> > > What's the best way to transmit a large amount of raw binary data using
> > CORBA?
> >I like to use http or ftp to do that things :)
> How should I combine a TCP/IP protocol and CORBA objects into the same program?
> If we assume CORBA is used to control the communication and large binary
> streams are
> transmitted using http when necessary, how can I find out the IP address
> and other relevant
> information of the process on the other side of the link?

Actually, I think a more CORBA-ish way of doing things would be to run a
file 'server' and 'client' over CORBA. The application would then make
file access calls through the local CORBA client which would be
implemented in the CORBA server. Instead of simply shoving the data down
an open pipe and having the client figure out what to do with it, you
would get real seeking reads and writes. In a more advanced scenario,
the client will only get what it needs and the server will handle much of
the file processing.

One of the goals of CORBA is to help distribute processing. Simply using
it as a file sharing protocol will hide CORBA's strengths.


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