Re: MailStock and libgmail

Hi Marco,

Yes, bigboard/bigboard/libgmail is the latest libgmail that I downloaded from their sourceforge cvs repository. Running "svn log" in that directory will give you more details. I might have omitted installing it in the makefiles, but it is the code used by the MailStock. Please add it to the Makefiles as it seems necessary.

We are not using the system package because we have some local changes that were not included in the release, like getting folder counts (Owen submitted a patch for this a long time ago) and also making password a public field. Basically, we want greater control over that code.

There are also and in bigboard/bigboard/stocks/mail which are based on an older version of libgmail and can now be deleted.


Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
The MailStock does:

import bigboard.libgmail.libgmail as libgmail

We have bigboard/bigboard/libgmail but it doesn't seem to be installed
by the makefiles.
Fedora has a python-libgmail package.

Someone knows what is going on? Should we just use libgmail from the system?

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