Re: [PATCH] First go at empathy/bigboard integration

On Mon, 2008-06-09 at 20:31 +0200, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> Hello,
> I have not yet hooked up opening chat windows because I need a
> desktop-data-model fix to do it properly, but I would like to start to
> get this in.

Basically looks fine to commit to me. A few comments below.

- Owen

Index: bigboard/stocks/people/
+IM_CLIENT = 'empathy'

This isn't used, is it?

Index: bigboard/stocks/people/
+    def configure(self):
+        dialog = empathy.configure_accounts()
+        dialog.connect('destroy', self.__on_configure_dialog_destroy)

So, this opens up the configure dialog inside the bigboard process?
Bothers me a bit, though I can't think of any real harm from it.

+    def __on_configure_dialog_destroy(self, widget):
+        print self.configured
+        if self.configured:
+            empathy.set_online(True)
+            self.notify('configured')

Left-over debug printf

Index: bigboard/empathy/empathy.h
+gboolean   empathy_is_configured      (void);
+GtkWidget *empathy_configure_accounts (void);
+void       empathy_set_online         (gboolean    online);
+void       empathy_open_chat_with     (const char *account_id,
+                                       const char *buddy_id);

Shouldn't all these function be bb_empathy_* or something like that
to avoid tromping over the libempathy namespace?

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