Starting to contribute.

Hi Again,

I have a build and a test environment going, now I want to start contributing.  I figured I would start with a way to keep a to-do list.  Then work on import, export from Tomboy (since that was mentioned in the Wiki).  After that, maybe I could work on OpenID support, since thats related to the work I do at work.

First things first.  I have been reading the "A new data model for Mugshot" article and I think I get whats going on, at least well enough to start writing a plug-in (extension, stack, I'm not sure what term you use).  But I didn't see any documentation on how to create a plug-in and install it.  I will also need to add classes/resources, and I am not sure if a server change would be needed or not.  I would expect you could do it by API.  Can someone point me in the right direction here?


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