Re: maintaining accounts used by different Online Desktop features

Thanks for the detailed research and writeup! I think your plan of
action looks solid. A few high level thoughts that occurred to me
when reading things through:

 * I'm wondering what the story is that we present to the user if we
   have a:

    - list of email/xmpp/aim addresses on
    - list of accounts in a dialog in the desktop
    - maybe another list of accounts on their page

   I think a user could reasonably expect that we would track the
   two in a unified manner. And if there was a facebook widget, it
   would know about the facebook account that you've listed in 

   Practically speaking, there are some barriers to getting there.
   An AccountClaim in the server (we've proved the user owns the
   account) is a very different object than an ExternalAccount
   (the user claims to own the account). And neither is friendly
   to someone adding a BigBoard stock that
   needs to remember the user's rememberthemilk account.

   But I think that has to be the eventual goal? Probably the 
   most immediate thing to do in this direction would be to always
   list the user's server provided aims/xmpps/emails in the  
   account dialog, even if we didn't connect them to a need
   for a password.

 * How do we relate being asked for a password to the account list?
   I have an idea that when we prompt for a password, we open the
   account list, highlight the entry where we are asking for the
   password (maybe a bit like the mugshot account editing), so you'd

    | Accounts                         |
    | aim: owt2341312                  |
    | ....
    | +------------------------------+ |
    | |user gmail com                | |
    | |Password: **********          | |
    | |[ ] remember this             | |
    | +------------------------------+ |
    | ...                      

   What were your plans for this?

 * My general feeling is that we should kill web-login-driver; it's a
   lot of complexity for a result of just occasionally doing what the
   user expects.

   What the user actually expects is that GNOME and Firefox share a
   single keyring.

   has a start of an implementation of this. We should act as if that's
   going to happen eventually, and as necessary we can encourage it
   along / help.

- Owen

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