Re: Would Like to Contribute - Remote Desktop / Assistance

ons, 30 01 2008 kl. 22:57 +0530, skrev Naveen Chandran:
> I don't think on the server part anything would be required. I think
> it should be like two (or more) clients establish connection through
> ssh and vnc traffic will be tunneled through it. The thing probably
> required would be to make use of existing IM in case of remote
> assistance.

You really should have a look at Telepathy [1], and their "Tubes" - in
particular [2] has an example of VNC over tubes. Tubes are generic
enough to support just about any connection method, so the IM protocol
can do whatever NAT/firewall-punching supported.


Mads Chr. Olesen <shiyee gmail com>

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