Online Desktop run-through redux

I spent some time today running through the same things I did 3 weeks
ago with a new set of packages we've built for Fedora 9 (maybe
the final set), and things in general were much stabler and more 
polished. Thanks for the hard work everybody!

I did, of course, see some things I didn't notice on the last run

- Owen


* Application pages are badly screwed up at the moment because of 
  wrong CSS (Colin committed some fixes and is working testing)

Stuff I didn't notice before

* The Save/Cancel options when editing fields on have some issues:

* We are properly handling launching the Mugshot client
  or not on login, but it would be nice to do it 
  dynamically if the user enables Mugshot through the

* The newly added "Configure IM Accounts" link doesn't
  work if Pidgin is already running:

* On Fedora 9 (and on all GNOME-2.22?) the dialog
  you get when you select "Log out or Shutdown..."
  only allows you to log out, not to shut down.

* In a newly created account, the contents of the
  application browser was all messed up:
Old stuff verified fixed

 * When Firefox was started, it came up with two tabs, both with the
   Fedora start page

** Bigboard was configured to use the default "Milky" theme rather than
   the Fedora theme.

 * Mugshot stacker was started (because it was installed on the system)
   and showed a stack with an initial share about "setup your account"
   even though I hadn't enabled Mugshot.

 * It seemed a little less than obvious that you should click on
   the "Enable Online Desktop" link to proceed, especially with the
   browser window sitting there. There wasn't a clear flow that 
   enabling the online desktop was the *first* step.

** The desktop data engine didn't pick up my login until I manually
   restarted it. I think this was because I didn't have a Firefox
   profile at all (or even a .mozilla dir) when I started the 
   desktop-data-engine, so it couldn't establish an inotify watch.

** A "GNOME Online" person appeared in the People stock. 

 * There was no obvious way to add more people to the people stock. 
   If there are no online.g.o contacts, a minimal thing would be to 
   have a button to launch Pidgin.

** People stock slideouts got a bright red header in the Milky theme
   (theme bug causing the header not to be drawn themed.)

 * Sidebar Preferences should put a border around the preview images -
   they look funny blending into the background.

 * Apps stock should be labelled "Applications" not "Apps"?

** I got fooled when trying to add a stock to the sidebar by
   the "Add to sidebar" button next to the google gadget link entry.
   Unless we fix the google gadget stuff very soon, we should just
   remove it from the F9 packages.

** Logging into GMail in mail stock:
  - Should show Connecting... between the point where you apply
    a new password and it succeeds or fails
  - In the case of failure, should be button or link to get
     back to the point of logging in again, instead of having
     to navigate back through sidebar preferences.

* In the Apps browser, selecting an application (which shows the
  profile to the left) should also highlight the selected app,
  since otherwise you don't feel you have good click-feedback.
  Same for the People browser

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