Doubts about Online Desktop


I've compiled Online Desktop in two computers and now I'm testing it.

Firstly I can start an Online Desktop session in the two computers at
the same time, I don't know if it's right or no.

Moreover I can configure my Big Board as I want, adding some widgets.
However if a close my session an start it in other computer I don't see
any change, I think that now anything is stored "online", I think that
the configuration of my Big Board is stored local.

Really I don't know what is the exactly purpose of Online Desktop. My
idea will be something like store information on Online Desktop server
and independent the computer where I start a session, I will have the
same configuration (for example, the same Big Board configuration).

On the other hand, if I would like to develop an application that stores
something on Online Desktop server, how I can do it? Exists any API that
provides this functionality?
For example, if I like to modify a RSS reader in order that it knows
when an Online Desktop session is started and then gives my RSS from a
Server and mark as read these feeds as read local and on my server. And
later I started my Online Desktop session in other computer and I start
my RSS reader, the feeds marked as read, keep marked as read. Is it
possible? How can I do it?

Finally I don't know if it's the goal of Online Desktop, or it's very
far from it. I hope that someone can help me with some explanation.

Thank you very much,

Manuel Rego Casasnovas
Computer Science Engineer
mailto:mrego igalia com
Tel: +34 986 10 76 10
Fax: +34 981 91 39 49
Igalia -

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