Re: hippo-dbus-im mugshot crasher in f8


On 10/29/07, Colin Walters <walters redhat com> wrote:
> See:
> We can delete all this pidgin code, right?

Most of it is still used afaik. The only obsolete thing is exporting
the non-data-model API from hippo-dbus-im.c, but the crash doesn't
look related to that.

It's kind of hard to diagnose from the backtrace, but apparently in
hippo-dbus-im.c:hippo_dbus_im_update_buddy() this line crashes?

 buddy = g_hash_table_lookup(im->buddies, buddy_id);

It doesn't look like either of those args to the hash lookup could be
NULL, though, unless perhaps a return_if_fail(whatever, NULL) is
tripped someplace.


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