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On Fri, 2007-10-19 at 16:05 -0400, Bryan Clark wrote:
> I've started to put up some mockups and ideas at this page

Just wanted to follow up here and summarize some discussion of why we
might want to do a "bigboard search" rather than our current approach of
using an embedded deskbar-applet:

 Advantages of deskbar-applet:

  - Standard GNOME component ... we can help build the ecosystem

  - A lot of different modules exist

  - Consistent for the user if they also use Alt-F3 to get the
    popup window.

 Advantages of rolling our own:

  - Can tie closely into the bigboard, instead of needing separate 
    configuration; that is, if you have People/Files/Calendar
    on the bigboard, a search entry on the bigboard that searches
    exactly People/Files/Calender is a very natural thing.

  - Can do a display of results that is consistent with the bigboard.

  - Works better on systems with the old deskbar applet (less of a 
    concern, but we are still trying to support Fedora 7 at the moment),
    though I think we'll give up on that at some point.)

  - Doesn't duplicate the Alt-F3 experience in a
    similar-but-somewhat-different way.

In essence, the idea is not to do another global search, but to have a
the entry on the bigboard be keyboard access just to the bigboard

- Owen

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