Sprint updated on wiki

We had a quick planning meeting here in the Westford office this
afternoon assigning what we are going to work on for a next sprint.

I put the results up on:


For convenience, current contents duplicated here:

  * Colin: Design and Implementation of Portfolio Manager 
      * Owen: Merge Pidgin/Telepathy contacts into the online-desktop
        people stock. Move "people tracker" functionality into engine so
        that it can be used by both people stock and by Empathy. 
      * DONE: Havoc: Commit application stock rewrite to the data model 
      * Havoc: Application reordering in the app stock. Or just sort by
      * Havoc: Don't show uninstalled apps in app stock when not logged
        in since "click to install" won't work. 
      * Marina: Mugshot maintenance (iTunes showing "Unknown Song",
        Google Reader issues, etc) 
      * Marina: Self stock improvements. Add missing functionality from
        GNOME menus as necessary (suspend?) 
      * Bryan: Improve appearance, handling, when a) not logged in b)
        offline c) waiting for queries to return on startup. (Will need
      * UNASSIGNED: Make GConf sync real. What to sync? Switch to really
        use data model. Need UI to control? 

If this doesn't reflect what you are doing, or you weren't at the
meeting but have online-desktop work planned for the next two weeks,
please update.

- Owen

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